Editor: Tommaso Zerbi, Leo Černic

Autores: Tommaso Zerbi, Leo Černic

Nº de páginas: 38

Nº da edição:

País: Itália

Data de produção: Junho de 2023

Tema: BD / Comics

Subtema: Push the bottom


Our collective is called 'BRUCHI' [Eng: caterpillars]. We eat mud and shit art. We love to dig deep in the dirt while we wait to become butterflies.This volume is a tribute to butts, the beloved objects of a collective of artists ready to make them shine. We want to raise our asses with pride and rebel against the oppression of the pants that keep them trapped! Whether flat or round, our behinds don't just hide poop but also revolutionary potential. The cries for help that we naively call farts are a signal of an urgent need for freedom. Let us break these chains and let our asses dance in the wind, claiming the right to express themselves without shame.

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